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Best of Bonnaroo 2011

The stage was a hodge-podge of musicians and singers notably Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Dr. John, the horn section from Preservation Jazzhall Band and the drummer from My Morning Jacket. Performing old school Dr. John jams and some Bayou standers, it was a massive output of sounds with a very strong New Orleans flavor. Packed in tight, it felt like we were grooving on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. A once in a lifetime performance I will never forget.
Summer is in full swing and with it the music festival circuit. Despite your personal feelings about hippies, camping and drug use you have to admit that you’re at least a little bit curious. Hate if you want but we all like to hear stories about ‘The Roo’  and such, but who wants the aggravation... Read more »

Worst of Bonnaroo 2011

Of all the headliners I may have been most excited to see Neil Young. Unfortunately I wouldn't be hearing him. As I just touched on, Buffalo played 'Which Stage' and unless you were close to the front you couldn't hear a word they sang or played. I was disgusted. The crowd grew noticeably tense and was becoming more agitated by the second. We bailed after three songs for fear a riot might ensue. Nice work Bonnaroo.
“Like” us on Facebook No one should ever judge a book by its’ cover. It’s easy to romanticize events that have already happened but the truth is there’s little in life worth enjoying that doesn’t come with at least some suffering included. The Superbowl of summer festivals that is Bonnaroo? No exception. So while you... Read more »

10 Signs It's Summer In Wrigleyville

10 Signs It's Summer In Wrigleyville
Follow @dantello1 Summertime is upon us in Chicago, and here at Lists That Actually Matter we are stereotyping neighborhoods because it is fun, easy, and bound to irrationally piss somebody off.  Today we are doing Wrigleyville, and we will save the “Cubs are already out of the playoff race” as a sign it’s summer in... Read more »

10 Signs It's Summer In the Loop

Demonstrators Aplenty: What do we want? Something! When do we want it? In the not too distant future!
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @dogisinmybushes   Be advised, it’s now summertime. So when stuck in conversation with someone with whom you have nothing to say, instead of “Cold enough for ya?” you should proceed with the alternate, “Hot enough for ya?” until further notice. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year again here in... Read more »

10 Signs It's Summer in Wicker Park/Bucktown

10 Signs It's Summer in Wicker Park/Bucktown
T.R. got our Summertime in ___________ week rolling yesterday, profiling Lincoln Park with his usual wit and observation, and promptly received the wrath of reader Paul Frank for both misusing the term “Winter and Constructions” and for “being a snarky douchebag.” Well Paul, you’re in luck, because I’m writing the list today, and if the... Read more »