What Not to Miss at North Coast Music Festival | Three Day Passes Sold Out!

What Not to Miss at North Coast Music Festival | Three Day Passes Sold Out!

Labor Day is upon us once again, so trade in your white patent leather kicks for some dancing shoes and get down at North Coast this weekend! Does anyone even still own patent leather kicks? Especially white ones? Why does it feel like Urban Outfitters probably marked down like, 58 pairs in each store this weekend if they do exist?

Either way, raging will surely be in fashion this weekend for Summer's Last Stand. The curators of North Coast intentionally promote inclusion and appreciation for musical diversity in their selections, and this year they knocked it out of the (Union) Park.

From hip hop to house, Chi-town's finest to global visitors, and dirty-ass rock known to drop some serious panties, North Coast's eighth year is set up to be the best yet. Not sure what to see? Check out these suggestions:


  • Edamame (Chicago): Downtempo electronic grooves | Sounds like velvet feels | Sensual yet super chill
  • Boogie Munsters (Chicago): Local scene vets | Super funky-funky vinyl dj's | Cool dudes collaborating as a crew
  • Bonobo (U.K./L.A.):  New album out, Migration, first since 2013 | Innovative, electronic layering


  • Tank & The Bangas (New Orleans, LA): Combines R & B with hip hop, creole flavor and poetry | Strong female presence led by Tarriona "Tank" Ball | Unanimous winners of NPR's 2017 Tiny Desk Contest - view here:

  • Joe Russo's Almost Dead (Brooklyn, NY): Modern-rock take on Grateful Dead music | Joe Russo, drummer and band namesake, is such an animal on the kit that he delivers the Dead's two-drummer sound as a single | Salt of the earth humans and musicians take your favorite songs, maybe tattoo them, probably give them cocaine, and invite you all out for a night on the town - all expenses paid of course | Get ready to ROCK (and swoon...heavily swoon)
  • Big Boi (Atlanta, GA): New album out this past June, Boomiverse | His beats will make you want to clap all your cheeks | I mean, he was half of Outkast ... is that not enough?!
  • Damian Marley  (Jamaica): Youngest son of Bob Marley (maybe you've heard of him) | North Coast alum, performed with NAS 2010 | True reggae from the roots with a dancehall vibe to make you shake it and smile


  • Electric Guest (L.A.): Slacker soul with sparkly rhythms | Dancey shoegaze that homages the 70's/80's | 2012 single "This Head I Hold" was so catchy it's still stuck in my head from five years ago
  • The Cool Kids (Chicago): Hip-hop duo with more sauce than Sweet Baby Ray, (Sir) Mikey Rocks & Chuck Inglish | Beats for magnificent miles | New album out, this will be its premiere live performance

  • Primus (San Francisco, CA): First album of new, original music coming out on September 29 since 2011 | Frontman Les Claypool is a God among men in the bass category & also in making even the most reserved rockers headbang | If you weren't rocking Frizzle Fry in the 90's were you even cool? | Primus sucks.
  • Ween (New Hope, PA): Iconic five-piece adorned in blue-collar relativity and a devoted cult fanbase | Recent reunion in 2o16 has catapulted a new era of Brown | Gritty rock hot enough to make you flick your bean, or your neighbor's (with consent of course) | As bands, Ween and Primus are bro's. Last Fall, North Coast alum Claypool Lennon Delirium invited out Ween guitarist Dean Ween to join them on Ween's track, "The Mollusk," in Philly last year. Will Ween return the nod? You gotta play to win...don't mess it up. Here's a glimpse from their recent St. Patrick's Day visit to Chicago with Silver Wrapper:

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