Woodstock Promoter Artie Kornfeld Kicks Off Lecture Series in St Charles with Original Music from theSHIFT


Though technically May 10 falls in Taurus season, the Age of Aquarius is readily upon us. Legendary music impresario Artie Kornfeld is set to launch a series of lectures and speaking engagements in the "Spirit of Woodstock" on May 10 at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. The discussion itinerary includes the production, inspiration, and legacy of the storied Woodstock Festival (1969) by the innovative guy who put it all together.

Kornfeld will also be introducing New York City based band theSHIFT as representative of a modern rock group that is in alignment with the Woodstock lineage. theSHIFT will play a set of original music as part of the engagement in St. Charles. Take an exclusive look at the band's upcoming video release for their song "Consecrate" from their debut release 7th Direction:

Ok so maybe you've read Artie's book, The Pied Piper of Woodstock, or you've at least heard of 1967's "Summer of Love," but, were you there, man? Let Artie take you back to four days dedicated to peace, love & music, while theSHIFT reminds us what is possible now and forever with the power of rock n' roll.

Get your tickets here for this once in a lifetime event May 10 at the Arcada Theatre.



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