19 Halloween Costumes That are Ebola Puns

19 Halloween Costumes That  are Ebola Puns

After reading this Mashable list of punny Halloween costumes, I was inspired to think of a few more relating to Ebola. My thinking is that everyone will recognize the ubiquitous microscopic picture of the Ebola virus (shown above), so if you can craft that out of yarn, string, ribbon a shoelace, stuffed panty hose, etc. and affix it to yourself, you have an instant Ebola pun.

Ebola-related People Puns

Ebolashevik- How to do it: wear one of those black  furry Russian winter hats with a red Ebola-shaped ribbon on it and a red shirt and you're good to go.

Bonus: You have an excuse to do excessive vodka shots since it's consistent with your character. Same goes for if you drink so much you barf. You are a deadly virus, after all.

Statue of Libertybola- Lots of ways to do this one. And if you wanted to include the Emma Lazerus poem somewhere on you, you could probably squeeze in a few more good Ebola puns there too.

Ebolaneezer Scrooge- Bonus: If there is a short guy named Tim at your party you can be a jerk to him right up until the end of the party.

Usain eBOLaT- Wear green and yellow, Puma sneakers and do his pointing thing a lot. If you are wondering if you should wear blackface to accentuate the costume, click here on http://shouldiwearblackfaceforhalloween.com/ to find out if it's right for you.



Kenny G-bola If you do use a prop alto sax, make sure it doubles as a straw so you can drink other people's drinks while pretending to play it.

Bonus: When someone says you're annoying them, just say it's all part of being Kenny G.

Michael eBolaton This might be your best chance to ask someone, "How can we be ebolovers if we can't be friends?"

Bruce Leebola Lots of possibilities with this one.

Tommy Leebola If instead of making your Ebola virus-shaped ribbon and putting it on your chest somewhere, you make it out of stuffed black panty hose and hang it from your waist, that's up to you.

Tim Tebowla Bonus points for the bible-thumping eyeblack .


Dweebola Get some Buddy Holly glasses and have it.

Fleabola Everybody loves the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, although having a bass guitar as a prop could be cumbersome.

Dr. Ebolavil and Mini-Mebola This would be pretty awesome to see.

Gleebola I've never watched the show Glee, but there has to be some opportunity with that idea if you're into it.




Starbucks Ebolatte It doesn't have to be Starubucks of course, but you could probably draw their green logo on a white t-shirt to resemble their cups.

An Ebola'd Faced Lie Affix your virus-shaped ribbon to your face then write a lie on your shirt. Mine would probably say, "No, I don't want another drink", "All the good looking people at this party make me feel so unattractive"

Ebowla Cereal

Ebolar Bear Wear all white, paint your nose black and put the virus-shaped ribbon somewhere on your bear body. Or you could just put your virus-shaped ribbon on a Chicago Bears jersey.

Ebolar Vortex

Ebola Constrictor  You could either dress as a snake, or just have your virus-shaped ribbon in your hand and constrict it in order to demonstrate that you are, in fact, an Ebola Constrictor. This costume will also come in handy if you get caught constricting someone's buns after you've had a few drinks- just say you weren't being creepy, you were just staying in character because you are so filled with Halloween spirit.





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  • I did not want to laugh at this, but I did. I guess the humor was contagious. *rimshot*

  • Ha, thanks Kim. I hope your laughter doesn't result in month-long house arrest.

  • I took no chances. I read your post wearing a Hazmat suit.

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