A Re-Crap of Jay Cutler's Career With the Chicago Bears

A Re-Crap of Jay Cutler's Career With the Chicago Bears

During his tenure with the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler faced adversity, sucked it up, and emerged as a multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback.

After five historically important seasons, Cutler led the Bears to three Super Bowl appearances, in two Super Bowls he set records for touchdowns thrown and passing yards. And of course he set other records too, but not much else needs to be said of such a decorated champion.

Due to his good nature he was never selfish in post game interviews, and was always articulate,  charming, charismatic, pleasant and insightful. In fact, despite knowing the rich Bears history, he always looked unafraid of the nearly palpable history of Halas Hall that hung over him while addressing the media. After witnessing both his generalship on the field and aplomb in front of the press, nearly all Bears fans agree he was a combination of the best parts of Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, Sid Luckman, Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary.

But he was more than just a guy who threw the football. As far as being a family-man goes, Jay will be remembered for knocking down traditional parental stereotypes, and standing up to chivalry to be a great, hands-on dad. That is a reality many -a-star athlete don't have the character to uphold.

When an indelible athlete leaves a city, it's common to find his likeness in bars and restaurants all over the city- even in places that don't broadcast football, like bakeries or Chinese restaurants. With a little good luck, we may one day see his likeness enshrined in Seven Treasures off Wentworth in Chinatown, a restaurant specializing in cuisine from China's Canton region.

Jay, congratulations on a Hall of Fame job. Well done.


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  • Ha! He does look bloated. Pray the Bears don't give him that fat contract he doesn't deserve, but hey this is Illinois where deserve has nothing to do with anything.

  • 4zen, mad respect for turning a satirical article about jay cutler into a political comment about Illinois.

  • Thanks DanTello mad respect back at ch'ya, but it was more of a nod towards the states value system, didn't mean to upset your equilibrium.

    Anyway, he got that fat contract, 54 million guaranteed and 126 million if carried to fruition, and Rome still burns.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Hey, you never said what you thought of the satire.

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