12 Suggestions for Dressing in Blackface This Halloween

12 Suggestions for Dressing in Blackface This Halloween

1. Is is it ok to dress up as a black person if I'm not black?


2. Is it ok to dress in blackface then?


3. But if I'm not in blackface how will they know who I am supposed to be?

-Either from your clever costume ideas that do not involve skin color, or when they ask you who are going as and you answer them.

4. I know it's not cool for most people to go in blackface, but I have a black friend. Is it ok for me?


5. But, I have like 7 or 8 black friends, so going in blackface is ok for me, right?


6. I'm almost positive that everyone going to my Halloween party will be white. Is it ok to go in blackface?


7. I'm SOoooOOOooo beyond being a racist and everyone knows that. So if I happen to go in blackface, everyone will be like, "Well I know he isn't racist because it's him. He and only he can pull off blackface, but no one else better try it or I'll think they are racist." Is it ok for ME (specifically my cool ass, not the average white loser) to go in blackface?

- No, but it's good to hear you are beyond racist.

8. I'm dressing up as someone who is bi-racial (half black, half white). I was thinking about painting only half of my face black, and the other half white. That way I will caricature my whiteness, in "white face", thereby making fun of BOTH, "whiteness" AND, "blackness". If I paint my face as both, wouldn't they cancel eachother out and not be racist?

- No

9. I am going as a black person and my costume involves me wearing FUBU. Since it's "For Us By Us" doesn't it make more sense if I go in blackface?


10. So what are the occasions when it's ok to dress up in blackface?

- There are none.

11. Should I dress in black face?




12. But I was going to dress as a Scottish Blackface sheep, or a Trumpeter Swan. Is it ok if the face of the sheep or swan is all black?

- You racist animal.

13. I'm still confused. Is there a reference for further reading you can suggest?

- http://shouldidressinblackfacethishalloween.com/

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