11 Things I Want to see Invented/Made That We Already Have the Technology for

The title is pretty self-explanatory. All of us come up with ideas for things, "they oughta make", and this is mine.

It's my first time doing a list like this so some ideas are gonna be more awesome than others, but I'd say they range from "Pretty awesome", to, "Objectively the best idea possible".



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    That was fun...and I like all the ideas. The remote favorite channels concept is so obvious...why hasn't it been don...I wonder?

  • Thanks for reading and the kind words, man. I'm glad you liked it. I have no idea why remote controls don't come with those buttons, but I will say that my tv (a Sony Wega) has a button that allows you to access your pre-set favorites. That's worked just as well as hard pre-set buttons, so it was maybe unfair of me to say no remote controls do that, since this is close enough. But generic universal remotes should totally come with pre-set buttons.

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    Great post! Was interested in the title as a Product Scout for As Seen on TV inventions. In fact, I host monthly Inventors Brainstorming workshops where we brainstorm product NEEDS not product ideas. Fun and thought provoking.

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    Thanks Linda, I'm glad you enjoyed it and had your thoughts provoked!

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    Hello Linda,

    My name is Shawn and i'm interested in your Brainstorming workshop. I would like to see how "MacGyver" I really am. I do have
    an idea that I think would benefit every person in the world that drives a car. It is left, right, and rearview mirrors that absorb light in direct propensity of the light shine upon it. It allows the driver to see behind him or her without the headlights reflecting in their eyes. I know that Mercedes and BMW have a mirror that does this however they are using the principle of refraction and because its mechanical those mirrors cost 1500+ each. My mirror actually absorbs light for a millisecond and holds it until the energy it borrowed dissipates and the light with it. It should be relatively inexpensive to manufacture once part runs are set up.

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    Great ideas. At least 3 already exist! My remote control back in Canada has an option to put favourite channels on it. In South Korea, where I am now, almost every restaurant has waiter call buttons and everyone uses KakaoTalk which is a free text/call app that has something called PinDrop which has the dual geolocation feature. Hopefully we'll see more of your invention ideas soon :).

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    Thank you so much, Alyssa! You are living my dreams apparently! How do you like the waiter call button and remote presets?! In other words, what is the future like?

    Thanks for reading and I enjoyed your comment

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    They make life so much easier! You should probably look into getting one of those remotes. They must be easy enough to find.

    As for the "waiter call buttons" (we tend to call them "ding dongs" HA), they were a little hard to get used to at first, sometimes they're hidden on the tissue box or on the side of the table so you wait aimlessly for the server to come over. But now that I know what it's all about, it makes eating out a very quick and convenient affair.

    I would agree that we are living in the future. In some places in Korea, they even have suction garbage disposal which transfers the trash UNDERGROUND to the landfill/recycling plant: no need for garbage trucks!

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