7 Comments That Zero People Will Make About Jay Cutler This Season

During his tenure in Chicago, Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler has taken some unwarranted jabs about his attitude, competitiveness and his record in the playoffs.

However, most of the jabs were, in fact, warranted.  Here a few more.


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  • #3 was close to what I was going to suggest:

    He belongs in the movement that believes in virginity before marriage.

    You can probably add:

    He won't be on his backside this year.

  • fb_avatar

    How about Jay Cutler is a type 1 Diabetic. His attitude is directly affected by his blood sugar as the Pancreas is critical in the production of serotonin. A sharp drop in blood sugar will cause irritability / crabbiness, etc in a Type 1 Diabetic. Not excusing it, just explaining why.

  • Go Aaron Rodgers!

  • Another thing I've never said about him, That Jay Culter he's a sharp dresser.
    He must get clothing manufacturers paying him NOT to wear their brand.
    OK, enough Jay hating for today. I'm done!

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