Wait, So Kanye is now Yeezus? 12 Other Musicians who Changed Names

Kanye West recently told a reporter that Kanye West was his slave name and that his new moniker, Yeezus, was his God name.

As a fan of Kanye('s music), a few thoughts immediately came to mind.

1) Kanye is already a distinct name; is a new name really essential?

2) He goes out of his way to explicitly remind us that he has a big ego- and we believe him.  Is a new deity-themed nickname really necessary to remind us he has a high opinion of himself?

3) How long until he rhymes, "monicker", with, " my ni**a", as in, "All these haters ask, 'Yeezus, why the new monicker?'/Cuz when I fake-dated a reality star who got peed on by Ray J, I became a God, my ni**a."

4) How many musicians have changed names-mid career, and didn't they all jump the shark shortly thereafter (or before)?

This list deals with last point. Let's a take a look and see.


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  • This was most excellent and for me, educational as well!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Glad to hear it! Thanks, Kathy; or do you go by Keezus now?

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Ha ha, although that is kindof catchy....

  • Great list! FYI- Gaga's male alter ego is named Jo Calerone (I'm truly sorry I know that).

  • In reply to Anne Kiplinger:

    LOL, thanks AK! that's news I can use and should have used. I didn't know he had a name. And my deepest sympathy for being too smart for comfort.

  • I do believe I could have happily lived out the rest of my life in blithe ignorance of this freak show.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    If you clicked on this headline and expected this to drip with erudition, then I am very optimistic about your immediate prospects for returning to the ignorance you profess to covet.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    NB ~ Don't bother with TRSlyder. He lacks both humor and logic.

  • You never ever listened to anything by David Bowie?

    Why, praytell, are you bothering to write about music, and the people in it?

  • You forgot Prince -> The Artist Formerly Known as Prince -> The Artist -> (Unpronounceable symbol)?
    And a guy who transitioned from the stage moniker given to him by a manager back to his real name:
    Johnny Couger -> John Cougar Mellencamp -> John Mellencamp?

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