My Adventures Creeping the 'tute

Creeping the 'tute (v),  To peruse the art at the Art Institute of Chicago with the vigor, rapt and enjoyment of a voyeur, and possibly join in on the art itself. 

Eventually merely posing next to my favorite work of art wasn't enough for my photo opportunities at the Art Institute of Chicago. For a few years now I've been a member and regular visitor and photo taker (where allowed) there.  Well, "regular" in the sense that I visit often.  But lately my friends and I have started taking pictures like these.



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  • You guys are awesome.

  • It just now dawned on my Nikki was looking in that direction cuz that's the direction the lady in the painting is looking.

    I learned that because today I posed as that woman in front of the painting. I guess I shouldn't have judged her until I creeped a mile in her shoes. I get it now.

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