Dig a Little Deeper: The First Look at Taught Abroad's Drogo from his Ripe Hours EP

Dig a Little Deeper: The First Look at Taught Abroad's Drogo from his Ripe Hours EP

No matter where you stand on the matter, I think it's fair to say that the current culture of the U.S. is more shallow than ever before.  The American public has been trained in impatience; we want stuff, and we want it now.  This is somewhat in jest, but you know what I mean.  Really, I don't have to be P.C., because this is the internet, and we've all become assholes.  Some people fight this overzealous lifestyle with yoga and raw-food-eating, and bumper stickers that say, "we call it organic. our grandparents called it food," that stick to their fridge because they'd never have a car!,  and positivity and whatever else, but even then, the original, normal people see them, and think, "look a that asshole.  he thinks he's better than me with his stupid linen pants and carrot juice. no one could really like carrot juice. what an asshole."

Like a pyramid of insanity, this is our base.  Picture a food pyramid like we used to learn about in school.  Climbing up from the basis of impatience, somewhere on the next level, is our desire to be beautiful just like the actors on The CW network, or OK! Magazine.  Who we are inside, and what we have accomplished, and the fruit we've born unto others, have drifted from being the utmost righteous offerings to just about superfluous in exchange for being skinny, pretty, and tan.  Like- think about that Cohen guy who interviews all the housewives.  He'd just be some bartender in Boystown if we didn't allow him to host the destruction of the beautiful people's public lives.  When did we start to think THIS was beautiful compared to THIS, and hate on a performer working her ass off like THIS?  I'm really not sure, but it's bogus.  Even if that Beyonce shit was still kinda funny.

It's always refreshing when someone speaks up on the matter.  Not like, in a picketing-outside-rhinoplasty-clinics way, but in an artistic way.  Creating something that says, "I think you're beautiful for who you are," and putting it out there for people to take in, is a gift from whom we can thank Chris Sadek, who performs as Taught Abroad. I was lucky enough to chat with him about his upcoming Ripe Hours EP release show next Saturday, March 30th at The Burlington, and this is what he had to say:

Q: Welcome back to The Burlington.  Didn't you recently perform there?

A: Yea.  I'm excited to play there again.  I really like the venue. It has solid sound, and I had a blast playing with K Serra last time.  I'm really excited to release some new songs this time, too.

Q: Will you be playing with any other bands this time?

A: Yes, I'll be on the bill with some great musicians- Brother George and Cross Record.  It should be fun because we all seem to play different types of music.

Q: Cool, well I know we're all looking forward to it.  Can you tell me a little bit about why we originally came to meet up today- the premier release of your second song off the EP, Drogo?  Maybe if you can start with how the song came to be.

A: Indeed. Well, St. Drogo was the patriarch of the "unsightly"and people with horrible bodily afflictions, and was cast out by society. So it's actually a love song to people who society says aren't beautiful.

Q: Cool.  So is that something that bothers you, the way society judges people the way they do?

A: I think it's an interesting thing to evaluate.

Q: What's your favorite sandwich?  Chicagoans love sandwiches.

A: Anything from Perry's Deli!

Q: Last time I saw you was at Schuba's in December, and I noticed that the environment of your show evolved from a darker feel at the beginning, to a more welcoming situation towards the end.  Was that intentional, or ...?

A: Yea I mean I think it's important to have a flow with any performance that people have decided to see. So it's fun to try and take people on that journey with you.

Q: What's the best place you've ever played a show?

A: Metro is always a solid venue.  It was fun to play there, when I used to play with Loyal Divide.

Q: And currently your perform on keys with Northshore Pharmacy, too, right?

A:  Yep. They're some cool dudes.

Q: Let's be real, how much were you listening to Prince when you wrote this song?

A: (laughing) I always listen to Prince.

Check out  Drogo, and may it inspire you to join us next weekend:



Taught Abroad will play at The Burlington, 3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647,  (773) 384.3243. Support from Brother George and Cross Record.  $7 Donation | Doors at 9PM | Front Room: DJ Marsh Marsh.

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