Catfish'd: 6 Other Fish-Named Dating Pitfalls Manti Te'o Wouldn't Much Prefer

Did you hear Manti Te'o got Catfish'd??!!! Since I just learned what the verb "Catfish'd" means, I'm going out of my way to use it in every sentence so people know darn well that I am very familiar with the word. It's similar to what four year-olds do when they learn a new word, but much higher brow.

Being Catfish'd (or victimized by someone posing as someone they are not in online dating) sounds awful, but I thought there were other fish-based dating pitfalls that doesn't sound much more desirable, even if they don't actually exist.

And for those readers who think this list probably won't be very funny: I hope you are pleasantly Catfish'd by T.R. Slyder.


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