13 Celebrities Whose Political Activity Surprises Me

In today's television culture of infotainment we are often  subjected to non-journalistic celebrities opining, and we are told it is news. Sometimes when I'm trying to ignore the entire celebrity-laden left rail of the Huffington Post I'll accidentally see that the guy who does the voice of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons is blogging about one of the wars. News outlets "report" the twitter droppings of a woman who grabbed her crotch and spit on national television after singing the national anthem, now tell me how to vote. The list goes on....

....and gets 'WTF'-ier as it goes on. So the first slide, the one with Wil Wheaton, is the least surprising politically active celebrity, and so on.


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  • Celibs never let their own hypocrisy or stupidity get in the way of their opinions. Their way of giving back is to make you pay for it.

    To this I say, "Shut up and sing or act or look pretty or whatever...."

    Same goes with the media people in Chicago. We don't have Hollywood, so they are our celibs, and just as stupid, most.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    So I take it you didn't support Reagan?

  • Last time I checked, celebs are citizens like anybody else. No one is taking away your freedom to make up your own mind.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Do you swear to God you checked, or are you just saying that?

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    I take the 5th.

  • Pervy?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Do you remember his show?? I remember he had a woman who had a gender reassignment surgery on his show post-surgery now as a man. Geraldo looked at the before photo (when he was a she) and asked, "Why would you want to change your gender? In your picture you looked like a nice, young, happy, pretty, large-breasted woman".

    Thanks for going the extra mile on the deets, Geraldo. I couldn't tell that from photograph while looking at home. I remember hearing that when I was like 5 thinking, "WTF Geraldo?"

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    In reply to TRSlyder:

    If Geraldo had had his priorities right he would have said: "in your picture you looked like a large-breasted , nice, young, happy, pretty woman.

    You know, that Scarlett Johansson has a pair of major league yabbos.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    THANK you!

  • Singers, actors, artist, etc. are just as much entitled to their opinions as any other citizen. They also have the First Amendment right to voice those opinions. Just as everyone else has their First Amendment right to agree or disagree with them.

    Just because they are famous does not mean they lose their rights.

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    In reply to goofyjj:

    You sure sound like the life of the democratic party.

  • I love it when somebody tells me that actors have no business expressing opinions about politics. Especially when I find out that the same person worships the ground that Ronald Reagan doddered on.

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    In reply to Olga:

    Olga, hint: All politicians are actors, but not all actors are politicians.

  • In reply to Olga:

    The Celibrified can voice any opinions they want, but they need to walk the talk. All of a sudden the celibs who came out against video were held to account for their words by depictions of their actions, and what do they do when the hypocrisy is exposed: they have hissy fits.

    And, when they want to expound on things, do it on their own dime, not the consumer of their singing or performance. Who the hell wants to hear Bruce Springsteen talk about guns and violence when you know he is probably packing and has armed guards? Ditto, all.

    In fact, who the hell wants to hear Bruce Springsteen anyway, when he peaked in 1984? Bruce --et al-- retire, clip your coupons, volunteer to pay additional "revenue" to the US Treasury, and just strum away in a corner.

  • In reply to Olga:

    That is the best point I am going to hear all day.

  • Cusak's a little more badass in Ice Harvest. Still sensitive..

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    That's reconnaissance news I can use!

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