The Liz and Dick Drinking Game

The Liz and Dick Drinking Game

This pop culture landmark and  future instant classic airs Sunday at 9/8c on Lifetime. If you like awful stuff as much as I do, I cannot recommend this highly enough.


- When you look at the tv and don't see Liz Taylor, but rather Lindsay Lohan feebly trying to portray her, take a drink.

- Drink whenever you laugh at Lindsay's acting

- Drink every time you see Lindsay's trout pout/platypus lips and think she is gross

-Every time you think something to the effect of, Liz Taylor is rolling in her grave/ deserved a better portrayal, drink.

- Take a drink if you see a commercial for Liz Taylor's fragrance White Diamonds. Take two drinks if you overhear this commercial while refilling your drink from your kitchen.

- Drink each time you are dumbfounded Lindsay got the part, this movie got made and that executives at Lifetime saw the finished product and thought, "Yup, this looks good. Let's air it."

-Each time "Liz" screams for Dick and you think, "I bet that's not Lindsay's first time screaming Dick". Don't drink, but shame on you.

- Drink each time you are totally stoked to be watching such a hilariously heinous tv movie.




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    Nobody can portrait Liz Taylor, she is larger then life.

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    In reply to Georgina Lovelace:

    i"m sorry i was not expecting much although i do like Lindsey I thought they both did a great job i saw Lindsey turn into Liz Taylor before my eyes great job bravo,bravo

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