The 3 Predictable Ways Your Friends and Co-Workers Describe Their Week

The 3 Predictable Ways Your Friends and Co-Workers Describe Their Week

Do you ever wonder why you bother with some perfunctory, regularly-occurring conversations? For instance, it's Friday which means that small talk in offices all over the globe will go almost exactly like this:

Person 1: I am glad it's Friday.

Person 2: Oh I know, me too.

On its face, that conversation seems pretty open-ended, in the sense that it isn't obvious where the conversation will go next. Person 2 could then comment on their weekend plans, provide some kind of summary of the week or they could change the subject altogether with something like, "Oh I know, me too. Hey, I saw a lady with facial hair pick her nose on the bus last night".

But for some reason, possibly a glitch within all of us humans, that conversation is NOT open-ended at all. Every Person 2 among us (myself included) will follow up, "Oh I know, me too" with some variation of one of three lines that summarize their week:

1) ...and it's about time. This week has taken forever.

2) ...I can't believe it. This week has flown by.

3) I haven't even paid attention to how quickly this week has gone by, but it's already Friday, so that's cool.

So along with challenging myself, I challenge all of you to break the chains of Friday conversational conformity and not answer with the preceding three. Maybe switch it up and ask your co-worker if it's cool if you call them if you need to get bailed out of jail this weekend, ask what their sister is up to this weekend, or if they know a place that sells old-fashioned moonshine- not this new fancy grain alcohol that people try to pass off as the real 'shine, or you can invite them for bloody Marys on Sunday, followed crashing a first communion.

Just do something to break up the monotony. It's Friday after all, have some fun.

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