Cheap, Easy and Punny Last-Minute Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Cheap, Easy and Punny Last-Minute Celebrity Halloween Costumes

You didn't think you were gonna dress up for Halloween, but you just realized you have to.  Unfortunately, not only is there no time to buy a legit costume, there isn't even enough time to THINK of a cool costume idea and the last look you want to pull off is the look that says,  "Hey, I just threw this together at the last minute" .

Here are 5 quick costume ideas that are pop culturally-relevant, but won't require you to run to a costume store.

I should probably admit these ideas aren't cool either since I  just threw this article together at the last minute.


1. What you'll need: a floppy hat, scruffy strawberry blonde beard, BMI of 30, a movie script and NYU shirt. Oh, and some inhalants in a brown paper bag or gas can.

How you'll stay in character: Talk about acting while huffing some sweet, sweet fumes.

Who you're going as: Phillip Seymour Huff-man


2. What you'll need: A white T-shirt with "Brad" written in one of the arm pits.

How you'll stay in character: Be high, laconic, cool and unintelligent.

Who you're going as: Brad Pitt


3. What you'll need: Pants with a baseball glove over one knee and a picture of Rahm Emanuel on the other. (Protip: If you don't have a picture of Rahm, a CD-ROM will do).

How you'll stay in character: Act wealthy, mormon and compliment the host on the height of his trees in the front yard.

Who you're going as: Mitt Rahm-Knee.


4.What you'll need: A doll of some sort (your preference for inflatability is up to you), fastened to the crotch of your pants that is facing downward, and a nametag for the doll that says "Winona".

How you'll stay in character: You'll walk around as though you are riding on the back of the doll- like how a kid might ride a large dog. While doing so, you'll act flighty and won't refuse offers for drugs and/or sex.

Who you're going as: Winona Rider (since you are, "riding" Winona, not "ryding")


5. What you'll need: Kittens! Lots of male kittens, a boat costume (Ideally, as radical as the one above. If not, I'm sure everyone will understand).

How you'll stay in character: You'll be the cruise ship for male kittens (Making out with dudes is optional).

Who you're going as: Tom Cruise


Happy Halloween and our thoughts are with our friends and family on the East coast!

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