8 Animals Whose Gender We Assume

8 Animals Whose Gender We Assume

It's an involuntary human reflex to see a big, lumbering, drooling Bull Mastiff, and assume it's a dude. The same goes for Yaks too. Here are a few others animals that we arbitrarily assign to a certain gender.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Gender you assume: Male (especially after you see how they ate Triceratops)

What no one has ever said about one: I bet that's a female, and she looks like she'd be a great mom.


Gender: Male

Rationale: They're ugly, dirty, smelly and grunty.


Gender: Female

What no one has ever said about one: You can just tell that poodle is the badass bully on his block. Just check out his gangster swag.


Gender: Male

What you don't say about them: Look at that Barracuda over there. That's a female, and I'm sure she has all the guys lining up to date her!


Gender: Female

Rationale: They're so docile and sweet.

Killer Whale

Gender: Male

Rationale: The word "killer" in their name.

Pit Bull

Gender:  Male

What you don't say upon seeing one: She's quite the muscular lady! I mean, I assume it's a she.


Gender: Male

Possible Exception: When you hear it's a Nurse Shark.


Bonus Animal: Walrus

Gender: Male (though God knows some women have 'staches)

What you don't hear: Ooohhh, look at that majestic full mustache! Such gorgeous facial plumage on that cute girl!


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  • Boar is justifiable because the female is a sow. Now, if there is a wild sow....

    Bringing up Poodle raises the usual stereotype about dogs, that certain breeds are inherently deemed masculine or feminine. Go to Pooch Cafe, where Poo Poo, the male purse dog, is pursued by Droolia, the female bull mastiff, One assumes that most of the hunting group are male, and the dog show judges always feel their testicles. Uno the Beagle had quite a package.

    I assume that most cats are female, unless they spray.

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