The 5 Worst People in America

The 5 Worst People in America

Society has produced some horrendously terrible people in recent history, but nobody sucks more than these 5 types of A-holes:

1.  The Guy who claims he knew how Fight Club would end the first time he saw it:  Shut up, movie snub.   You didn't know.  Nobody knew.  Nobody could have possible thought Edward Norton was the owner of those Tyler Durden abs

2. The Social Media Humble-Bragger:  Nobody likes Facebook more than the narcissist because what other platform allows them to talk about their favorite subject, themselves, whenever they want?  The narcissist knows they can't flat out declare to the world "I'm hot.  Bow to my hotness," so instead they mask it in a humble-brag: "If, like, one more old creep comes up to me and tells me how pretty I am, I'm gonna get a restraining order.  Beat it, Pervs"

3. The Guy who cheers for the country he studied abroad in:  Dude, that's so progressive of you!  You lived with all Americans your own age in Florence for 4 months, so obviously your love for that country is deeper and more passionate than your homeland.  Besides, one of your great grandparents was born there, so you might as well be the Italian Ambassador.  So, go ahead, cheer for Italy over the USA in the World Cup and Olympics.  It makes too much sense.  Oh, and don't forget to only refer to Florence by its Italian pronunciation, "Firenze".

4. The Politically Opinionated Guy:  Hey, man, if I wanted to know about why Obama's economic polices are destroying the economy, I would have asked.  So please leave my office.

It's the ulitimate lose-lose when the Politically Opinonated Guy approaches you because if you don't care or disagree with him, he is outraged and wants to embark on an hour debate about why he is a F-ing genius for his stance and why you are a child for your stance. Or, if you try to agree with him so you can get on with your day, he takes that as opening to talk about politics with you whenever he wants so he can be reassured about how genius his ideas are.

5. The T-shirt-Tucker-Inner:  It's a t-shirt, bro.  It never looks cool tucked in.

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  • The politically opinionated guy is an epidemic

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