5 Reasons Not to Miss Modeselektor @ The Metro 4/21

1. A live sound that's so unique it's difficult to pin-point a specific genre. Inspired by various musical genre's, their music is riding fine lines between ambient, glitch, electro-house and hip-hop. In an interview with Modeselektor regarding their sound they said, "Happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient, Russian crunk. We don’t like it if people tag us as being a certain style or school or scene or whatever. We don’t really care about all that."

2. There's an apparent lingering sophistication about Modeselektor fans. You will only find true music lovers at a Modeselektor show. Unlike many other dance concerts where the intentions may purely be to party-down.

3. The last time Modeselektor was in Chicago was Lollapalooza 2011. This international duo hits our city few and far between!

4. Straight out of Berlin, one of the hippest cities for electronic music, you'll get a taste of the original underground Techno scene where Modeselektor's music conspired. In an interview regarding their music they said, "Well, we basically grew up with Techno. There were warehouse parties and raves going on everywhere in Berlin - and we were in the centre of it .. It used to be a big adventure back then - today it's more like an industry ... But we never lost the original idea and the romantic kind of love for electronic music - we always try to extend it even more."

5. Plain and simple, the beats are dirty. You'll find yourself being drilled into the ground at an uncontrollable rate by the cyclical bass lines, bewildering drops, glitch's and an atmospheric ambiance.

With all of that in mind, buy your tickets HERE!



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