GOP Nominee Odds if There is a Brokered Convention

GOP Nominee Odds if There is a Brokered Convention

In the past few weeks we keep hearing, "If Mitt Romney loses Michigan, I think we will see a brokered convention." Which I would agree with if I knew what a  brokered convention was. It turns out that it isn't all that complicated: When none of a party's candidates (in this case, the Republican Party) does not get the required number of votes from delegates in the primaries, they basically say "screw it" and hunker down in a smoke-and-bourbon-filled room until they decide on a winner.


Chris Christie- 6/1:  Maybe the only Republican other than Ron Paul who could pull votes from Democrats.

Jeb Bush- 10/1: If he had a different last name he'd be 8/1.

Mitch Daniels- 10/1: If he looked less like a cartoon evil doer, he'd be 8/1.

Marco Rubio- 12/1

Eric Cantor- 15/1: Is he even a real Cantor? I haven't heard him sing once. Not sure I can trust this guy...

Tim Pawlenty- 20/1

Joe Wilson- 50/1:     And,  no I don't lie.

Bobby Jindal- 60/1: Bobby, you're not white, yet you still want the nomination of the GOP.  Best of luck to you with that one, pal.

Sarah Palin- 75/1: Is ChicagoNow "Lamestream"? And has anyone else noticed that the spoonerism of her name is Parah Salin (para-sailin')?


Prop Bets:

Odds it's a current Governor: 9/5

Odds the nomination is NOT a white male: 500/1

Odds Sarah Palin offers to break a tie via, "a Snow Machine off": 5/1

Odds the nominee is Marco Rubio and he names Ralph Lauren as VP and runs on the Marco Polo ticket: 400/1










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  • If you factor in how many people will mistaken Marco Rubio for Ricky Rubio, his odds change from 12/1 to 7/1

  • In reply to DanTello:

    Oh shoot, I thought he was Ricky Rubio....

  • So wait.... He's NOT Ricky Rubio??? Well that changes everything..

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