Gino's East or Giordano's? Wrigley Field or Soldier Field? Google Results Declare Winners in 20 Chicago Rivalries

Gino's East or Giordano's? Wrigley Field or Soldier Field? Google Results Declare Winners in 20 Chicago Rivalries

We Chicagoans love to compare.  We will always  compare our city to New York, just like we'll always debate  who serves  the best deep dish pizza and which side of town hosts the superior baseball team.

I thought Google results could be one simple metric to declare a winner, and while I was a it it I could also declare a few other winners as well.

I won't bore you with my methodology until the end of the list.


Theo Epstein Vs. Rahm Emanuel 

Winner: Rahm 1.3 m results vs. 4.2m (respectively)

Rahm vs. Richard  Daley (without the middle initial "M." or "J.")

Winner: Rahm to Daley's 2.2m


Michael Jordan vs. Kanye West

Winner: Kanye 238m to 307m.

307,000,000 is a big number. It pays to blow up in the internet era I suppose.


Kanye vs. Oprah + Oprah Winfrey

Winner: Kanye. "Oprah" got 86.9m hits and "Oprah Winfrey" got 84.8m combined they wouldn't beat Kanye's 307m.


Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox

Winner: Cubs. 89.5m vs. 23.6m


Chicago Bears vs. Chicago Bulls vs. Chicago Blackhawks 

Winner: Bulls. Respectively they were:  38.5m vs.  39m vs. 4.63m*


Arlington Park vs. Hawthorne Race

Winner: Arlington Park. 49.1m vs 386k


Ferris Bueller's Day Off vs. Blues Brothers

Winner: Blues Brothers. 9.6m vs. 8.7 for "Ferris Bueller"**


Wrigley Field vs. Soldier Field

Winner: Solider Field. 5.7m vs 8.3m


DePaul University vs. Northwestern University vs. U. of Chicago

Winner: Northwestern. 71.9 vs 10.4m vs. 40.6m


Gino's East vs. Giordano's

Winner: Giordano's. 205k vs. 1.3m


Andrew Mason vs. Ken Griffin vs. Sam Zell

Winner: Andrew Mason. 4.6m   vs. 2.4m vs. 550k.


Mr. Beef vs. Al's Famous

Winner: Al's Famous. 26.3m  vs. 69.8m


ChicagoNow vs. Chicago RedEye

Winner: Chicago RedEye. 2.5m  vs 8.4m


Chicago Tribune vs. Chicago Sun Times

Winner: Chicago Tribune. 215m vs. 20.5m


Willis Tower vs. Sears Tower

Winner: Willis Tower. 11.7m vs. 2.1m

Willis Tower vs. Cloud Gate (the Bean's formal name)

Winner: Cloud Gate. with 16.6m


Field Museum vs. Art Institute of Chicago vs. 

Winner: Field Musuem.   146m vs. 47m


Rick Bayless vs. Grant Achatz vs. Charlie Trotter

Winner: Bayless.  879k vs.   473k vs. 292k


Brookfield Zoo vs. Lincoln Park Zoo

Winner: Lincoln Park Zoo.  1.1m vs. 3.1m


Lollapalooza vs. Northcoast Music Festival vs. Pitchfork Music Festival

Winner: Lollapalooza.   8.2m vs. 3.1m vs. 1.2m


Please feel free to leave the results in the comments for any I missed.

Methodology: To get uniform results I am going to use the top name Google suggests (Michael Jordan was suggested after typing "Michael Jor", so I clicked it before typing the rest) and count the total results. Well, not actually count the results but I'm gonna look at the number Google shows me.


*- oddly using quotation marks around "Chicago Blackhawks" gives them 23.5m results, which is still fewer than Bears and Bulls.

**- Ferris Bueller- that may not be apples-to-apples since Blues Brothers is also the name of a well-known performing act that is still  performing. So it's possible that the Blues Brothers' win was aided by virtue of the movie being a musical. But hey, a Google result is a Google result.



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