Thanks for Coming out Paula Deen, now get the Hell out of Here

Thanks for Coming out Paula Deen, now get the Hell out of Here

I got Type-II Diabetes, y'all!!!

While Paula Deen's admission of her Type-II Diabetes was every bit as surprising as the Marlboro Man having cancer, what IS surprising still is how Paula Deen's image has done a Kim Kardashian-like 180 for many of her fans.

The surprise that upset fans was finding out Deen was diagnosed with Diabetes three years ago, while she continued to shill her fatty lifestyle.

During that three year span she profitted handsomely from selling to us what was literally killing her. At least the Marlboro Man became an anti-smoking advocate toward the end of his life, Paula just downplayed the role her diet played in her Diabetes.

Furthering the surprise was that her adoring battalions  of comfort foodies were not the first people to know- because how would that profit Deen? Instead Deen opted to tell Big Pharma first and get a deal in place before her admission- that way she could profit from the disease she profited from giving herself.

It reminded me of when Martha Stewart was on the Today after being sentenced to jail. When asked about jail she famously said, "I just want to focus on my salad" that she was making on the Today show. Paula didn't want to discuss the actual scientific causes of her malady, she just wanted to focus on hawking her drugs.

I guess Big Pharma pays better then Big Diet and Exercise.

You're right Paula Deen, cooking does bring families together- like the time you said, "Gather round y'all! I'm glad all my family is together to hear that my unhealthy cooking has given me a life-threatening disease.".

It also brings families together for funerals.

Also troubling is this new celebrity trend of profiting from the rebound- Weight Watchers, Celebrity Fit Club, Whatever drug Paula is shilling for, Celebrity Rehab,  Rock of Love, etc. The Kevin Federlines of the world can now always stay in the public eye just by yo-yo-ing: Sell some pics to the paparazzi of you on a binge (drugs, food, women, doesn't matter) to drum up a story about a problem, then sell your teary confession, then sell your rehab on shows like those mentioned above. Federline actually gains weight to be on these shows- if he doesn't do these shows who will pay him?

Since Paula is gonna have some difficulty selling her actual food now, she has been relegated to selling the story of her rebound to a pharmaceutical firm.

Congratulations on your fall from a talent to a rebound shill, Paula. Your southern coziness swept us off of our feet, but after your stint with fame you are now part of the problem in America. You got rich and forgot who made you. Even if you did remember you who made you, your evasive answers about the cause of your Diabetes shows that you don't care about their health, and that's just as bad.

You went from American Badass to American Fatass.


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  • Never liked her. Still don't.

  • Yes, but I don't think anyone has any real doubts where this kind of cooking and eating will take them. Like anything else, you have to balance it out. Some exercise, a salad for lunch, simple soup for dinner here and there. She can always change her style of cooking. Or,continue it with some sort of disclaimer, or not.

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