5 Last Minute Gifts for your Music-Loving Parents

5 Last Minute Gifts for your Music-Loving Parents

The most difficult person to buy gifts for is always your parents. (Especially if, like me, you know absolutely nothing about them despite having shared a home with them the duration of your formative years.) But, when you enter adulthood, you realize that a paisley tie for dad and a two sentence card hand-made from construction paper for mom is no longer acceptable.

If you're reading this, your parents are likely (A) from a bygone generation of intense music fans and (B) knee-deep in a mid-life crisis. So, the good elves here at Lists have assembled "The 5 Best Last Minute Gifts for your Music-Loving Parents".

This way you can make them feel hip again without having to see them squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans and probably even enjoy their gift nearly as much as they do....

5. iPod. Surely you have an extra one laying around. So take the time to fill it full of songs they love and hand it over. That way, you save money and the pain you'd endure if you were to teach your mom or dad how to use transfer songs from iTunes to the device.  Now, the last generation to still buy music will start stealing it too!

4. A Spotify account. A perfect gift from an elitist music fan child to his or her tech-savvy parent. If you are lucky enough to have a Spotify account, use one of your precious invites on your parents and teach them how to search for their favorite music and make playlists. Beware: This will require you sign them up for Facebook, and that's an entirely different problem.

3. A guitar. "You know I always wished I had learned to play an instrument..." Here you are, dad. Now please stop the inner monologues. This isn't "The Wonder Years".

2. A vinyl to mp3 converter. Bring your dad's album collection to the 21st century: http://compare.ebay.com/like/300634057005?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar.

1. Tickets to the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival. Two nights, more than 40 bands, Grammy winners, local independent artists about to make it big and great way to get them out of the house. The first show on Jan. 21 at the Auditorium Theater as it boasts a rare collaboration between bluegrass icon Del McCoury and Garcia-collaborator David Grisman that will have your mom remembering touring with the Grateful Dead when she was your age.  I dare you not to picture you mom dancing topless.

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