Top 69 reasons to party with Loyal Divide at Empty Bottle tomorrow

Top 69 reasons to party with Loyal Divide at Empty Bottle tomorrow

Here's the thing...69 is just funny.  So are doodies, whites with do-rags, and the "not gay" son on The Nanny.  Here's a few reasons to show up and party down at Empty Bottle tomorrow, even though their cat is long gone (RIP Radley).

1.  Three years is a long time. It took three freaking years to build THE TITANIC, ok, people?  Loyal Divide has been perfecting its melodic craft for public release since 2008, and in October, just last month, the big day came. Released with Kilo Records and selling out their pre-sale in just one day, Loyal Divide's first album, Bodice Ripper, boasts a variety of sound and energy that makes you want to dance, occasionally headbang, and hug your speakers. Luckily the Empty Bottle is small, so if you're so inclined, you could try to hug an actual band member instead...but it could get awkward.  Not that hugging a speaker isn't, unless you're into that sort of thing* (*not that there's anything wrong with that...).

2.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  As Chicagoans, we are lucky to experience music, film, art, theater, comedy, and El farts firsthand before so much of the rest of the free world can even say "doorknob."  Getting to experience intimate shows with truly talented artists who have yet to explode into the mainstream is our coveted treasure, only collected by showing up and taking a chance because your friend told you to, you heard them on, or you saw a blog post about it. Take a risk, Loyal Divide at Empty Bottle could be the next Flosstradamus in the background of your PBR's at Town Hall Pub before they got hella, super, wicked famous and selling out shows cross-country.  It's only $10, has two other acts on the bill (Lasers & Fast & Shit, Verma) and goes from 9- midnight.  And, 0f course, after the party it's the hotel lobby (if you're saucy)((and have a hotel)).

3. With influences like Radiohead, Timbaland, My Bloody Valentine, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, and all of their wonderful mothers, these gentlemen are diverse in their musical output without dumbing themselves down.  This allows them to relate and appeal to the masses at both a personal and intellectual level- a relationship with the audience with which many young bands struggle.  Their sound exists as a shockwave, with a pulse, varying in speed and rhythm, controlling your body to move you and match it like your lover's breathing as you fall asleep.  From slow instrumental interludes, to quick and heavy, synth-laden basslines, and all the axe-wielding in between, Loyal Divide has something for you if you like music.

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