The 5 Rules of the Tim Tebow Drinking Game

The 5 Rules of the Tim Tebow Drinking Game

Just because Tebow is a religious man, doesn't mean you have to be.   So next time you are struggling through the first 3 and 1/2 quarters of a boring Broncos game and waiting for that inevitable final drive when Tebow teams up with God to inexplicably score the winning touchdown, try out this drinking game to pass the time.

5. Drink every time an announcer uses any form of the word "win" to describe Tebow:  In NFL announcers' defense, try and explain to a co-worker why Tebow is good at football without using any form of the word "win".  It's impossible.

4. Drink every time Tebow's lack of accuracy is mentioned: This will be the announcers' main topic of conversation for the first 3 and 1/2 quarters of the game, so you should get good and drunk waiting for his final drive.

3. Finish your beer every time he points to the sky:  Don't worry.  Tebow doesn't score too many touchdowns.  Because if he did, this rule could get really dangerous.

2. Finish your beer every time his name is used as a verb (i.e. "Tebowed" or "Tebowing")

1. If any player strikes the Tebow pose (aka Tebowing), the last person to strike the Tebow pose must finish everyone else's beer: Go to the bathroom or answer your cell at your own risk.  An opposing defensive lineman is just one sack away from striking the Tebow pose in celebration.

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  • OMG! You do not even have to watch Tebow to play this game! During the Packers game yesterday they kept bringing that douche up!!!

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