5 Reasons to Love Jay Cutler

5 Reasons to Love Jay Cutler

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Everyone hates Jay Cutler.  The only thing trendier than hating Jay Cutler is hating Kim Kardashian's sham marriage to that dude who looks like the future.  Seriously, what race is Kris Humphries?  He's from Minnesota, so he can't be black.

However, there are some of us Bears fans out there who love Cutler. I am one of them.  I can't get enough of his angsty antics on the sideline.  There is a Jay Cutler in every group of friends.  The guy that only your friends like, but nobody outside the group likes.  People always ask you why he's your friend, and you defend him, but they don't understand.  They never will.  I guess Cutler is the same, but I'll give it a shot anyway.  So here are the 5 reasons to love Cutler.

5. His unshakeable Self-Confidence: Cutler doesn't care if he has the worst receiver corps or o-line in the NFL, he still thinks he can sling that football into any window.  Cutler will tell you he has a better arm than Elway and he can pull more tail than Tom Brady.  Is he lying?  No.  In his mind, that's the truth.  Jay Cutler knows Jay Cutler is a better Brett Favre with Michael Vick-like speed.  Just ask him.  You can point out that he led the league in interceptions in 2009, and he will tell you that its not his fault his receivers run crappy routes.  You can't shake that self-confidence.  And Goddamn do I respect that.

4. He told Mike Martz to f*ck-off: Every Bears fan I know wants to tell Mike Martz to F-off for his play-calling.  Jay actually told him to F-off in the middle of a game, essentially daring Martz to take him out of the game.  Martz took it on the chin and didn't respond.  Amazing.  Next time your boss gives you a stupid assignment, do what Jay Cutler would do, and tell him to F-himself.  

3. He can take an ass-beating: 
Nobody in the NFL gets hit more than Jay Cutler, and nobody bounces back from a hit better than Jay Cutler.  And nobody gives his offensive line a better dirty look than Jay Cutler after he gets sacked.

2. He dumped K-Cavs:  Look at K-Cavs.  Now look at Cutler.  Look at K-Cavs again.  Would you ever guess that Jay was the dumper in this failed engagement?  Not only the dumper, but a ruthless dumper.  Jay lets K-Cavs do a photo shoot for a magazine 2 days before he dumps her.  That means he was considering calling the wedding off, but still let her go embarrass herself and pose in a wedding dress.  Does K-Cavs hate Jay now for putting her through this?  No.  She still tweets at him and invites him to watch her live on Dancing With the Stars.  Whoever would've guessed that Jay would've been better at psychologically manipulating hot chicks than he ever was at QB.  

1. Doesn't let his Diabetes slow him down:  
At age 24, Jay Cutler found out that he had type 1 diabetes (the insulin shot kind of diabetes).  When most people find out they have diabetes, they try to stop drinking and partying as much.  Not Jay.  Diabetes doesn't scare Jay.  Jay loves the nightlife and the nightlife loves Jay.  And no disease can stop that.


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  • I also like how he looks like the son of Kevin Arnold's dad on the Wonder Years.

  • Speed and elusiveness of Michael Vick, arm strength of Brett Favre, and pimping ability of Tom Brady. He is Jay Cutler: the coolest F-ing QB in the NFL. Hide your girlfriends - Jay's back from Philly

  • Long live Captain 6!

    Don't forget the shoulder twitch - reminding the secondary he's reloading another missle

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