8 Reasons I Will Be Back at North Coast Music Festival Next Year

8 Reasons I Will Be Back at North Coast Music Festival Next Year

Last year we were all younger. North Coast Music Festival debuted, as well as Lists That Actually Matter, and some people were a decade younger in 2010- Like Mike Raspatello.

Also last year I published 8 Types of People That Annoy you at Concerts after attending North Coast Music Festival.  But this year I have no complaints and already await next year.



1-My One Complaint- Obstructed Views with Press Pass

I'm just trying to see Benny Benassi's screen unobstructed. Who is that guy in the way?


2 - CTA was a Dream 

The Ashland bus south wasn't congested at all and the bus tracker was right on the money. And no offense to North Coast- Ashland's traffic wasn't overly held up, either.   Ideal trip to and fro.  Ditto for Green Line to Brown Line on Sunday. This concert is tough to be beat from a CTA Ease of Use standpoint. Which is one of my favorite standpoints.


fair weather pictured

3- Are you THIS Concert Experienced?

Weather alone can make for a memorable concert experience and being a concert veteran requires that you attend at least one concert with the following weather conditions (pleasant weather omitted) : 1) Rainy, 2) Hot,                              3) Surprisingly Chilly.  North Coast had all three in one weekend.  So there's that.


That was him in 2010

4- My Statue Homey had 2011 off

In 2010 his wrist anchored a few streamer-type thingies,  as seen above.  Below can be seen 2011's well earned respite. Well earned, my friend.  Well earned. His buns even got to see Wiz Khalifa this year! Lucky devils.

Here in 2011 with the year off. Well earned, old friend.

If you think I'm lazy for not researching this gentleman memorialized in Union Park, you are right.

Stay Thirsty capturing the Travers at Saratoga, another Summer bookend


5- Outstanding Summer Bookend

Of all the summers you remember they all have one thing in common: they all ended.  They had to have- otherwise you never woulda had your awesome autumns or wildly awesome winters. It's nice we have Northcoast to bookend our seasons so explicitly. Summer was great and now it's autumn. Easy.


6- Good People Like Hooper

I Met Hooper in a media lounge area and he told me he wrote for Red Bull and is based out of Detroit. He seemed pleasant so my date and I listened.  He was excited about Northcoast's Sunday night lineup and about exploring Kingston Mines later on that night. I live by Kingston Mines and love that spot, so I liked Hooper even more. Hooper also loved Detroit. Like a lot. But he has the right to.

My date and I got a few beers and needed to  take a breath, then  see who is playing where and when and just enjoy a drink. We did all of those while sharing a table with another random dude. Hooper turned out to be that random dude. Great random dude experience.


7- Monday off Afterward is so Glorious

Here is every monday after Northcoast for me two years in:  Wake up. Piece together last night. Close my eyes tigther. Realize I had no idea when I went to bed. Look at the clock. Wonder why I am awake at such an irrationally early hour. Shut eyes. Grin while realizing it's about a half-hour after I am due in to work tomorrow. But today it's Labor Day. Go back to sleep.

8- Seriously, the Nicest Large Group of Public People Ever.

You read that and either thought, 1) That's nice, 2) Sounds cheesy and altruistic, or, 3) I've been there and he is exactly right.

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