5 Most Famous Celebrity Body Parts

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Angelina Jolie, this is one list that you and your lips will be left-off of!

5.  Kim Kardash's Butt:  Interestingly, Kim's least famous body part is Kris Humphrey.

4.  The Situation's Abs tied with JWoww's Penis: I know.  It is totally shallow to focus on their body parts when they bring so much integrity and character to the Italian-American community.

3.  Michelle Obama's Arms:  According to my friends at the 9/12 Project, Michelle Obama is more celebrity than First Lady, so scientifically she qualifies for this list.

2. Lea Michele's Mouth:  What do you think can fit in there?  Coke can? Fist?  I don't know, but we should figure it out so we can get her to stop talking.

1. Justin Bieber's Hair:  According to my co-worker's 10-year-old daughter, his hair is made out of a rare mix of unicorn mane and Golden Retriever puppy fur.

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  • You didn't list Pippa's buns??? The British press will be pissed.

    -The British Press

  • Obama! Think she could beat up Barack?

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