Worst of Bonnaroo 2011

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No one should ever judge a book by its' cover. It's easy to romanticize events that have already happened but the truth is there's little in life worth enjoying that doesn't come with at least some suffering included. The Superbowl of summer festivals that is Bonnaroo? No exception. So while you see scene kids around town still wearing their wrist bands keep these words in mind; it wasn't all rainbows, doves and good times. The Roo is a vacation you earn, like hiking the Appalachian Trail or backpacking Europe.

Try camping in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee for four days with 80,000 strangers ... in sweltering 98 degree heat and sauna level humidity. Your nerves are tested. For every epic show there is most certainly an epic fail. Both are worth documenting. Sometimes the glass in half empty friends. So with that in mind please enjoy my top-10 worst moments of Bonnaroo 2011.


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  • That is a picture of Leon Russell not Gregg Allman.

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