The 8 Most Hated Chicago Sports People

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It has been said that opinions are like rectums- everyone has one. But I disagree with that. An opinion would never be hired to manage the White Sox. 


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  • Apparently you are either a Cub fan or you are off your meds. A.J. is one of the most popular Sox players on the team. Ozzie is loved by Sox fans. Patrick Kane is loved by Blackhawk fans. There are some names you left off your list like Juan Pierre, who is disliked by both Cubs and Sox fans, Jerry Reinsdorf, who has been a polarizing figure for thirty years, Carlos Boozer of the Bulls who fans would love to run out of town and perhaps Kenny Williams. Also, anyone not named Earl Bennett who plays wide receiver for the Bears and specifically, Lovie Smith and Mike Martz.

  • I agree with your points, and I probably should've explained my vantage point. 1) I felt the Sox fans wouldn't be as hateful toward their own as Cubs fans since they've won something this generation and similarly, but less so, for the Bears and Bulls who went to conference finals. 2)I took into consideration how outsiders view them as well- that's what put AJ and Kane where they were. But again, all of your points were well-founded.

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