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Best of Bonnaroo 2011

The stage was a hodge-podge of musicians and singers notably Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Dr. John, the horn section from Preservation Jazzhall Band and the drummer from My Morning Jacket. Performing old school Dr. John jams and some Bayou standers, it was a massive output of sounds with a very strong New Orleans flavor. Packed in tight, it felt like we were grooving on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. A once in a lifetime performance I will never forget.
Summer is in full swing and with it the music festival circuit. Despite your personal feelings about hippies, camping and drug use you have to admit that you’re at least a little bit curious. Hate if you want but we all like to hear stories about ‘The Roo’  and such, but who wants the aggravation... Read more »

Worst of Bonnaroo 2011

Of all the headliners I may have been most excited to see Neil Young. Unfortunately I wouldn't be hearing him. As I just touched on, Buffalo played 'Which Stage' and unless you were close to the front you couldn't hear a word they sang or played. I was disgusted. The crowd grew noticeably tense and was becoming more agitated by the second. We bailed after three songs for fear a riot might ensue. Nice work Bonnaroo.
“Like” us on Facebook No one should ever judge a book by its’ cover. It’s easy to romanticize events that have already happened but the truth is there’s little in life worth enjoying that doesn’t come with at least some suffering included. The Superbowl of summer festivals that is Bonnaroo? No exception. So while you... Read more »

10 Best Male MTV RW/RR Challenge Cast Members of All-Time

10 Best Male MTV RW/RR Challenge Cast Members of All-Time
“Like” us on Facebook – Twitter: @DanTello1 On June 22nd at 10/9c, MTV is set to kick-off its 21st season of The Challenge.  The Challenge has become such a great show that the Real World has sorta become its minor league system: It’s merely used to figure out who is a reality star, and who simply duped the MTV... Read more »

Top 100 Songs by North Coast Festival Artists - Past & Present

Top 100 Songs by North Coast Festival Artists - Past & Present
“Like” us on Facebook North Coast Music Festival (@northcoastfest,, has quickly made a name for itself amongst Chicagoans and Midwest music fans alike.  Here are 100 reasons why.  Now help us think of 100 more.  —————————“Like” us on Facebook.

10 Active Athletes who get it

<p><a href="">10 Athletes Who Just Don't Get It</a></p>
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco When we imagine ourselves as athletes it’s only human nature to imagine ourselves as athletes who are both popular on and off the field, and also successful on and off the field. In other words, we picture ourselves like these 10 athletes.

10 Active Athletes who Just Don't get it

<a href="">10 Athletes who do get it</a>
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco After ingesting dozens of specific opinions on why LeBron still has not yet won an NBA Finals, I think it can all be distilled into this: He just doesn’t get it.  In fairness to LeBron he promised to take his talents to South Beach, and not to Victory Park,... Read more »

5 Reasons LeBron and The Miami Heat are Good for the NBA

Follow @dantello1 “We wrote this on July 9, 2010, immediately following “The Decision” as our pitch to Jimmy Greenfield to let us idiots have a blog on ChicagoNow.  It’s fun to look back now and see what we were right and wrong about.  And for the first time, we were more right than wrong.” –... Read more »

The Seven People You See at the Gym

The Equipment Hog: I simply cannot believe when I see people leave their towel one place, their notebook another, and then they go do something somewhere else. Totally inconsiderate. They should be there to spot their towel and notebook at all times.
Like us on Facebook. Follow @dogisinmybushes Much like the Ancient Greeks, people today only work out so that they can gorge themselves on gyros during celebrations to honor the gods. But did you know there are also various health benefits associated with regular exercise? It came as news to me, too. And when I heard,... Read more »

Hacked Email Reveals Planned Yankee Home Run Catchphrases!!

"I want to french Rivera in the French Riviera!"
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco I can’t say who got these for me (or if this is total satire) but a guy I know hacked into the email account of a prominent New York Yankee announcer. I was able to obtain several emails from the popular–if-over-the-top Yankee sycophant and radio announcer, John Sterling.

Worst Sign I've Ever Seen in a Restaurant Restroom

Or else what? Something will result that is more disgusting than a garbage can full of used toilet paper?
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco Yesterday I was in a bathroom at a Mexican restaurant and spotted this sign. My knowledge of Spanglish couldn’t read the Spanish sign, but I read the English translation correctly. Initially, I thought it was maybe a transnational error, but I showed that photo to a native Spanish-speaker the and she... Read more »