20 free classes you can take TODAY at Learnapalooza

Greetings friends. If you are reading this on June 25, 2011, the second annual Learnapalooza is happening RIGHT NOW in Wicker Park/Bucktown. And if you happen to be in Wicker Park/Bucktown today and you look at your phone and the date reads June 25, 2011, chances are there is some free learning happening right near you. "Free learning?? Tell me more!"

My pleasure. Take a look at this schedule of classes, or, if you're the lazy type, take a look at this list from Lists That Actually Matter of possible free classes you could be taking RIGHT NOW. You could be learning...

1. Family friendly yoga

2. Social entrepreneurship and moral business
3. How to argue
4. Worm composting
5. Dancing - Urban stomp, folk dancing, line dancing, Bollywood dancing, Belly dancing, African drum and dance
6. How to promote your book
7. How to organize your social media
8. How to DJ
9. Chinese philosphy
10. Gnocchi
11. Wine tasting
12. Beer tasting
13. Beekeeping
14. Charcuterie
15. Knitting


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  • Great list and great pics. Are you going to the book promoting class for your latest tome, "How to Attract Women While Kicking Hiney on the Softball Field?"

  • I'm actually more interested in "How to play two games of softball without feeling like you played four games of rugby."

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