Top Six Reasons to Get Weird up in that Electric Forest (Electric Forest Festival, Rothbury, Michigan, June 30-July 3)

Even talking about why this place rules is redundant in its namesake.  An Electric Forest full of music and laughter and dancing? Hmm, let me think,..okay, yep, wait, those are definitely my favorite things. Consider this a Declaration of your own Independence, from monotony, from boring, from normal, from whatever is not exuberant.  If you've been to Rothbury before, you know the spiritual offerings of the Sherwood Forest, and I can't imagine that since its been dubbed Electric it will get less freaking sweet.  A veritable nocturnal freakshow, countered by sunny daytimes in dispostion, rain-or-shine, get your Fourth-of-July on up in Michigan at The Electric Forest Music Festival.  (Sidenote: I feel 100% like Tim Allen in those commericals plugging Michigan, don't you feel like that? About me?)  Here's some reasons you'll have fun. 



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