Ten Worries for the Class of 2011

Congratulations to the Class of 2011. You are tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, failed frozen yogurt franchisees and reality show contestants. You've navigated academia with aplomb. Now the world is your oyster, in that you'll often find its inner-workings difficult to swallow. Wondering what that strange, non-venereal disease related sensation is that you just started feeling? It's called worry and, like some VD, it'll be with you the rest of your life. Today's worry about finding a job or paying off student loans will beget future worries about finding a job and paying off student loans. But try to remain calm. You don't have to worry about everything. Like terrorism, for example. Forget about that. We got bin Laden, so that one's over. Another thing you can stop worrying about is what to worry about because I already took the time to put together this handy list for you as a graduation present. And so, in the spirit of ending with something commencementy, I leave you with these words: go forth, Class of 2011, and accomplish achievements.
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