Five Stock Office Phrases That Should Go Away

In addition to poor microwave etiquette and random bowls of candy every five or so feet, offices are also often rife with cliches and ridiculous buzz words that ultimately mean nothing. Like profitability, for instance. What does that even mean?! And like Carson Daly's inability to resist doing a soul handshake followed by pronounced gesticulation when interviewing a rapper on TRL, many people who are surrounded by drones using these standard office phrases are often unable to keep themselves from trying to join in. Just as I am unable to make a cultural reference that was topical within the last 11 years.
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  • It's days like these when I miss the old "New Economy Bullshit Generator" on the web.

    I'm lacking e-synergies and kudos right about now.

  • Funny. "Let's circle back", "Just to piggy off that","bounce a couple of ideas off each other" were all just used in the conference call I finished 5 minutes ago. Classic.

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