4 Best Dudes in Movies

Main characters were exempt from this list because just about every main character, at some point, has to undergo a few boring scenes for the sake of character development, empathy generation, subplot, etc.,  whereas the sole function of supporting characters might be to deliver 10 lines funny lines and knock them out of the park.

This list is to celebrate the men of cinema that are 100% awesome.

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  • "The Dude" has no boring scenes in Big Lebowski

  • In the cartoon world, I particularly like Hiro the Japanese Foreign Exchange Student, who befriends Beavis & Butt-Head.

    Hiro even helps them step up their loogie-hocking game at the local mall before heading back to Japan.

  • And technically speaking, Natasha Leon plays the dude role in American Pie. Y'know, since all the other guys besides Stifler are wusses.

  • AF- great call. Hiro's loogie was the stuff of loogie legend, and every other American Pie did is a total wussy, great call. I forgot to include Brody from Mallrats. That guy belongs on the list, despite being a main character. I am humiliated I omitted him.

  • These guys are reprehensible! That doesn't mean that this post didn't make me laugh.

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