Top 10 Beverly Hills, 90210 Rivalries (Shannon Doherty Years)

Since I did the Top 5 Saved by the Bell Rivalries of all time it only seemed appropriate to do the Top 10 90210 Rivalries.  The greatest teen drama of all times taught us some priceless lessons about AIDs, gun safety (see video below), the difficulties of playing hockey in LA, rich white kid drug abuse, and rich fathers allowing their ugly daughters to be portrayed as hot.  Beverly Hills, 90210 pumped out 10 seasons, and like a veteran star that sticks around too long, it probably would've been best for the show if it would have retired a little earlier.  Here are the 10 Best 90210 rivalries from the Shannon Doherty (or pre-Kelly Kapowski) years.  And, honestly, Valerie Malone would monopolize any rivalry list, so we can't possibly include her.  And, no, Scott Scanlan vs. gun safety did not make this list you insensitive jerks... but you should probably check out his death scene here.

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  • This is brilliant, and kind of makes me wish I'd spent more (any) time watching 90210. I'd love to see its commensurate Melrose Place list (Charley Steiner years)...

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