Five Fast Food Innovations You Didn't See Coming

When it comes to American culinary innovation, we've come a long way since the stuffed crust pizza. In fact, we've come so far that now there's cheese and pepperoni stuffed inside the crust. But we're on a slippery slope. Mostly because the slope is now covered in sweat and bacon grease, but also in a figurative sense, as food makers try to outdo each other in an effort to win America's heart before it explodes. So even though you think we must have reached a plateau and that this game of "can you top and/or stuff this" can't go any further, you know, deep down, that's not true. Think of all the stuff that could still be randomly thrown together in a bowl, bread or otherwise. Or all of the things that could be freakishly manipulated into the shape of a fry. Pepperoni inside the crust? Big deal. Call me when pepperoni is the crust. Then we're getting somewhere. Enough pussyfooting around, American restaurant industry. I'm offering up these five ideas free of charge to get you moving in the right direction. If you care about us, you'll make them happen.
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  • I'm in for the cookie dough pizza...

  • In reply to ReadJack:

    But not the Nacho Peeps Burrito?

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