7 Benefits of NOT Loving the Cubs Unconditionally in 2011

I'm a conditional lover. Everything is perpetually up for evaluation. 

If one remains faithfully married for 60 years, they're loyal. Conversely, if you stay married to a woman that kicks you in the nuts 87 times a day, you're either an imbecile or a masochist. And you're ESPECIALLY an imbecile or masochist if you've never met said woman or the baseball team you support unconditionally. Rational beings must regularly ask themselves, "Am I loyal or a doormat? Why be loyal to an entity when they clearly have no concern for me?".
I've never met any Cubs players, so I feel no obligation to them.  In 2011 I vowed not to begin this season by freely giving the Cubs my fandom- I will cheer if the players on the field earn it, but I'm not about to cheer for the Cubs laundry that awful players wear. This year they must earn it and so far the following pains are out of my life in 2011.

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  • Awesome. The GF at work part was the best.

  • This team lost my unconditional love status after 2008. I've enjoyed the last three years of Conditional Cubs Love, also known as It's Not Me, It's You.

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