5 Least Sexy Film Characters (Female)

Last week our guy Jack wrote an awesome piece about the six sexiest film
.  I strongly suggest you read it because, unlike this post,
it is well written and easy on the eyes.

And, Dakota Fanning, you're lucky the site editor has a moral compass. 

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  • Not long ago I was watching A League of Their Own with a group of girls who would not shut up about how beautiful Gena Davis is. It took all my strength not to say something. However, I know I wouldn't have come up with anything as eloquent as you did.

  • I guess that is why that kid chauffeur asks Dottie to go in the backseat and make a man out of him. Ostensibly, it's because she can teach him how to be a man by imparting her rugged, hard-earned masculine wisdom upon him. He meant nothing of the sexual nature whatsoever. Thanks DanTello!

  • I have to add Alex Forrest from "Fatal Attraction," for the simple reason that crazy ain't sexy.

  • My definition of sexy is anybody I would cheat on my boo with. Hence, all these characters are more or less sexy to me.

  • WTF? Ugh.

  • Free mustache rides

  • BTW, the character's name was Dotty Hinson, Dan.

    But, no, that doesn't make her any sexier.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Thanks for the catch. My research team had convinced me she was the sister of the Hanson brothers from Slap Shot.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Sorry, Danny, but I think you're smoking crack on at least 3 of these, especially Minnie Driver, who would be sexy covered in mud, wearing a mullet at a monster truck rally.

    Don't worry though. I'm sure Paris Hilton will make a comeback in another pre-pubescent slasher film for ya.

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