3 Music Videos You Haven't Seen Yet

New feature here at Lists That Actually Matter: 3 Music Videos You Haven't Seen Yet. Vote below for your favorite video; the winner gets a People with Passion interview with me, Jack M Silverstein.

Polls close at 7 p.m. To watch the videos, click on "continue reading..." below. Enjoy these great songs, and vote now!

NOMINATE A VIDEO -- Send links to jack@readjack.com, or tweet them to @ReadJack. Videos must be under 5000 YouTube views to qualify. Thanks for sending!

"Fresh Air Syndrome" by Que Billah. Directed by Da Visionaryz. Photography by Nikki B. (Grey Matter Photography) A terrific mix of still photography and subtle movement from Da Visionaryz and Nikki B. breathes life into Que Billah's "Fresh Air Syndrome."


"Ooh U Got Me" by Akasha. Directed by Josh Kalven. The time-lapse photography from Josh Kalven mixes with Akasha's smooth reggae sound to paint a pristine picture of summertime in the Chi.


"Vision Vision" by Loyal Divide. Directed by BBGUN. This brilliant work from BBGUN highlights the madness and chaos of Loyal Divide's "Vision Vision."


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