10 Chicago Lists I Don't Need to see Ever Again

You can't click on certain Chicago websites without seeing the same things ranked over and over again. Pizza, hot dogs, steak, burgers, etc. Let's explore which other Chicago lists we can safely put to rest for eternity.

I think those websites will defend themselves by saying, "New people visit and move here everyday and these lists are for them." To which I say, let them Google all the old lists. And while you're at it, come up with some new material with all the time you save cranking out hackneyed lists. God forbid your lists should rank anything cultural that wouldn't make visitors or residents gain weight by enjoying.

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  • I liked to see Church with the best choir.... Now THAT would be interesting!!

  • I agree, regarding the celebrity hangouts. This is Chicago, where we don't give a damn whether you're "famous" or not.

  • you should really include this list as well.

  • oooh...Marksalot21...*ZING!* TR you must be HEARTBROKEN

  • In the spirit of Marksalot21- he should really comment on my blog that I should have included my list as well.

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    now that is a "zing"

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Wow, Marksalot21 - you created a user account just for this comment. Did you hate this post with that much passion or were you just that bored at work?

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    1) I created an account so I could post.
    2) I generally don't read the comments.
    3) This blog post/article is possibly the best blog posting of all time. Absolutely loved it. But in pure Chicago style; I'm just saying, "It didn't suck."

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Just what the heck kinds of lists are okay, then? Your criticisms seemed to be either "we don't have that kind of thing here" or "everyone just goes with what their friends think anyway."

    It sounds pretty much like top ten lists are completely pointless, then.

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