The 9 Best Charlie Sheen Films

Charlie Sheen, thank you.  I never thought anybody could one-up Mel Gibson, but you somehow pulled it off.  And you somehow pulled it off without being an anti-Semite.  Way to keep it classy, and limit the self-destruction to drugs, porn stars, and the purest form of "not giving a f*#k" society has ever seen.  Also, every group has that friend who needs to care a little bit more about how others perceive him.  Now that guy has officially become the "Charlie Sheen" of the group.


Anyways, long before every divorced dad started dressing like Charlie's "Two and a Half Men" character, he was an A-list movie star.  Here are Charlie Sheen's nine best films.



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    This list seems to be missing. Which is a shame, I loved your intro to it. Well, for people coming here looking for the list, here's a great one of Sheen's top ten movies complete with trailers

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