Six Songs for a Wednesday Morning (Chicago Sports Edition, Part I)

One of my favorite schticks from my ReadJack site is "Six Songs," which I dropped whenever the mood struck. Time to bring that over to Lists That Actually Matter, starting with a Chicago Sports edition. We'll go with the "game" songs first, those diddies we hear at the ballpark or the stadium and on TV for promos. And then we'll come back later today with Part II: the tribute songs and single season memory makers.

1. Sirius, by The Alan Parsons Project

We begin the only logical place to begin: The Alan Parsons Project, and the tune made famous by Your World Champion Chicago Bulls! Not only did the 90s Bulls change the game by winning six titles without an All-Star center, but, for better or worse, theirs became the standard for NBA player intros.


2. Bear Down, Chicago Bears

Songwriting Hall of Famer Al Hoffman wrote this classic fight song in 1941. Seven decades later, it is still belted out with drunken verve after each Bears score.


3. Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox

In 1959, those rascally sout'siders at Comiskey Park won their first American League pennant since the 1919 Black Sox. Led by Nellie's bat, Luis's feet, and Early's arm, the '59 "Go-Go Sox" were immortalized in this high spirited tune. The song was revitalized in 2005, when the Sox won their first pennant since, yep, 1959.


4. Here Come The Hawks

The 1968 Black Hawks were a veteran club, led by '61 championship standouts Stan Mikita (27 years old), Bobby Hull (29), and Eric Nesterenko (34). They were given "Here Come The Hawks," a jazzy go-go number that would be right at home backed by an Austin Powers dance group.

(On a personal note, this is the song of the six I enjoy the most simply as music.)


5. Only the Bulls

This upbeat number was a hit when I was a boy, and is still used today to hype Derrick, Joakim, Luol and the gang. It has taken its rightful place alongside our last two entries, and our next one...


6. Go Cubs Go

Written in 1984 by Steve Goodman (see Part II for another Goodman tune) and popularized that season for the team's first postseason appearance since 1945, 'Go Cubs Go' regained its stature in Cubs lore as the team's official victory song during its 2007-2008 back-to-back division championship run.

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