Six Songs for a Wednesday Afternoon (Chicago Sports Edition, Part II)

If you missed Part I of Six Songs, Chicago Sports Edition, you can read it here. Those six were the game songs that we most associate with the ballparks and stadiums of our beloved Chicago clubs. Now we will celebrate a different six: the tribute songs that augment the team's musical selections or became smash hits highly associated with a single season.

1. Super Bowl Shuffle

First up is the Super Bowl Shuffle, AKA The Greatest Piece of Trash Talking in the History of Trash Talk. We all know the story, and the Wikipedia page does a bang up job recounting the throes of songs born in the wake of the Shuffle. So I'll just add this: The '85 Bears were so good, they won a Super Bowl and nearly a Grammy too.


2. White Sox Fitted

Hip-hop may have been cutting edge in 1985, but 25 years later, it's mainstream as mainstream gets. Recorded in late 2010 by Young General, with verses from Mikkey Halsted and Twone Gabz and a violin performance from Lee England Jr., "White Sox Fitted" is an olde to the south side and White Sox fitted caps, those ubiquitous black SOX logos that pop up everywhere from Dr. Dre videos to President Obama's head.

3. That Blackhawks song... you know the one...

Its official name is "Chelsea Dagger," and it is a song from 2006 by The Fratellis, but here in the Windy we know it as "That Blackhawks song... you know, the one they play after goals." The song was adopted by the team in 2009, and gained prominence in 2010 when the Hawks skated their way to the franchise's first Stanley Cup victory since 1961. Da, duh-da-da, duh-da-da, duh-da-da da-da-da!

4. The D-Rose Song

Unlike "White Sox Fitted," which was recorded by a friend of mine, "The D-Rose Song" by RoMarvelou$ is new to me. No matter: the song's love of Rose and his Bulls shines through in every lyric. My favorite:

"He always told cats he'd be in the NBA/ they was like 'no way'/ now they sit and watch him play."


5. Don't Stop Believin'

Television fans know it as "that song from the last Sopranos scene," and last year in San Francisco it became the rallying song for the 2010 Giants. But in Chicago, Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" will always conjure memories of Paulie, Jermaine, A.J. Buehrle, and the rest of the 2005 White Sox.


6. A
Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

We ended the last list with "Go Cubs Go," a song analogous with victory in Wrigleyville. But my favorite Steve Goodman song -- the one that chokes me up every time I hear it -- is his 1983 classic "A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request." No more from me; listen to Goodman sing and play and tell me this ain't a thing of beauty.

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