Six Great Derrick Rose Games from 2011

On December 21, 2009, the Bulls blew a 35-point lead at home to the Sacramento Kings and lost 102-98. Last night, the Bulls built a 35-point lead at home against the Sacramento Kings... and then scored five more points to close out for a 132-92 victory. In between those two games, the Bulls compiled an 80-44 record; in fact, the Bulls had played 82 games since the team's ten game losing streak last year during which Noah, Rose, Deng, and Hinrich all missed games, and compiled a mark of 59-23, a record bested only by San Antonio in that time.

Hell, the Bulls may best it themselves, needing only to amass a 10-3 finish to the season for 60 -- yep, 60 -- wins. Considering the team is 9-1 in its last ten games... or 17-5 since February... 29-9 since the New Year... any way you slice it, the Bulls are winners.

The leader of the pack is Derrick Rose, the front runner for the league's MVP award in what should be his senior year of college. Yesterday I took a look at six great MJ games from his final MVP season of 1998, so today, with help from my friend and Bulls beat writer Christopher Cason, we're looking at six great D-Rose games from what may well turn out to be his first MVP season. Of how many? Stay tuned...

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