Six Chicago Bulls Point Guards Likely To Be Forgotten Once This Whole "Derrick Rose is a Super Duper Star" Thing Runs Its Course, 1999-2008 edition

As reported last month by the Associated Press, Derrick Rose is really, really good at basketball. Fortunately for us hoops fans here in the Windy, Mr. Rose is currently employed by Your Future World Champion... Chicago Bulls! And when the lights dim at the United Center and the starting lines are announced, it's the hometown kid "From Chicago" who gets the Jordan treatment.

Watching that announcement in person
on Monday got me thinking about the slew of point guards who occupied
the Red And Black in the post-title/pre-Rose era. In fact, from the time Scottie took his point-forward act to Houston to the day the Bulls hit on their 1.7% chance golden ticket,
point guard for the Chicago Bulls was a melange of journeymen, draft
busts, and little-point-guards-that-could, assuming "could" meant
dribble and pass with competency.

And so, here at Lists That
Actually Matter, let's take a look at Six Chicago Bulls Point Guards who
were Less Memorable than Derrick Rose, 1999-2008 edition. In
chronological order:


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