Help Japan While Drinking: 3 Ways to Enjoy Sake While Contributing to Japan's Economy

If you're out tonight at a bar or liquor store and can't decide between beer, wine or liquor- why not try a Japanese sake, teach yourself something new and help a devastated nation at the same time?

The other night at Binny's I bought a 750 mL bottle of of Fu-ki Sake for $12.23 after tax. It took me a minute to find a bottle that was an actual Product of Japan, but I finally find Fu-ki. Come to think of it, I think I see the type everywhere that sales any type of sake but have never tried it. After bringing it home I realized that I never know how to drink Sake- chilled, room temp. or warmed- so I decided to try all 3 and write about it and maybe kick a few bucks Japan's way in the process. 
notes before we go in: This experiment wasn't wholly scientific in that I poured the glasses at the same time. So the last one I drink (warmed) will have breathed longer than the first I drink (room temp). And I'm about to get my grown-man sommelier wannabe on! I hope you forgive me. 

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