Emerging Chicago Talent of the Week: 5 Reasons to See Lubriphonic This Friday

Weekly rituals are part of what make institutions last, like frats shooting BBs through a pledge's scrotum or executives clearing the search history of their company laptop.  So we're going to do the same, and start a weekly tradition. 

Each week we'll feature a different emerging Chicago talent, be it a musician, band, painter, comedian, politician, or Craigslist masseuse.  Each will have a fast-approaching event, and by "liking" our fledgling facebook page, you'll have a pretty good shot at winning 4 FREE PASSES to said event.

Plus, when possible, we'll undermine the artist's career and give away some of their music or art for free!!!!!  First up, one of the most instrumental and culturally-motley groups in Chicago history: LUBRIPHONIC.  Check them out this FRIDAY NIGHT at Wicker Park's DOUBLE DOOR


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