10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries/ Botox Jobs

I try not to insult people's looks on this blog. But people who get these kinds of plastic surgeries deserve it.

Technically, they tried to make us look bad by getting plastic surgery. Well, today we're gonna make them look bad. Or more accurately, worse.




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  • Wow, I can make fun of people based on their appearance. Who is the author of this crap to judge others? Why is this part of a major US daily newspaper's online presence? There's no journalism here; just the written equivalent to grade school playground taunts.

  • In reply to rto630:

    First time reading a blog?

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    In reply to rto630:

    Well said, this is garbage,. And I like the sentence people get plastic surgery to make US look worse. HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah like ANYONE'S else insecurity has to do with me. GARBAGE

  • In reply to Marcus:

    If i fell face first on a pavement, i would NOT need a complete facelift. That is a lot of rubbish. I am exactly Leslie's age and HAVE had a facelift. I don't look 25 years younger and like a mask. I look 10 to 15 years younger and look very natural. She had a massive amount of work done and it does not go with her hands. Her hands look older than they should. Your surgeon asks you how young you want to be. She knew full well what the reconstruction and the cosmetic surgery along with it was to be. "She looks awful!"
    Those were my husband's words, not mine. Leslie was so beautiful.

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    I might join in making fun of some of these, but do a little research. Leslie Visser had an accident and slid face-first on pavement. Hers was corrective surgery, not elective.

  • In reply to Keith:

    I am sorry , Marcus. I was replying to Keith about Leslie's overdone surgery. But, Marcus, women aren't insecure when thye have cosmetic surgery. They enjoy looking good....that is...if it is done right!!!

  • Just when I start hinking about injectibles...thanks for the smile :)

  • The Botox NYC at Trifecta Medical Spa is done for this good. This person has received it, but only for the worst. His face is really horrible to look at.

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